About Me - B. Varsylvia James

B. Varsylvia James

Owner of KisabowCreations Photography

Dorothy Height once said, "Greatness is not measured by what a woman accomplishes, but by the opposition she has overcome to reach her goals." And story telling with photography is my ongoing pursuit.

Today, what differentiates me  from the others?  Me.   Enjoying what I do and building a relationship with my clients is important to me.  For me  understanding the vision and achieving the goal of trust and quality.   My  journey as a visual storyteller has afforded my work to be on exhibited, published and enjoyed by my clients.

I began my creative journey more than 35 years ago. I always had the desire to draw or paint, but realized that I had other talents. In my teens, to celebrate the bi-centennial, I penned my first book about African Slavery (which is in the Wilmington, DE Library). Later, while I was working on my documentary "Hope of Glory: Conversations with the Black Church," I penned a second book entitled "Makeda, The Queen of Sheba" a self published children's book.

Because I am willing to take on challenges, I have been afforded many experiences and opportunities. From public speaking; to producing and writing my own radio and television talk show; to producing and directing two episodes of "Gospel News TV"; being the ghost publisher and writer for "The Milestone Connection" (a local Virginia recording label publication); to working with both gospel and jazz artists; to building a rapport with local media outlets; and representing a movie property.

Years working behind the scenes on different projects and working with a variety of creative and talented artists, it was important to able capture and record the memories, the moments, the events, the places and the people.

My camera, became my everyday my tool. To grasp an understand my craft, I taught myself the principles of photography. I would use a polaroid camera, a disposable camera, then I was able to purchase my first 35mm film camera; and now I have transitioned to digital.

In 2001, my work was first published by Costco Wholesale and shown at the Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington, DC). The Gallery was seeking images for its 911 exhibit in response to public outrage and unity. Costco Wholesale's publication "The Costco Connection", wanted celebrate with its members, the work their Pentagon City and Newington employees did during the Pentagon Relief effort.

In 2016, I started exhibiting my work with the City of Bowie's Art Council and I am still an exhibitor today. Also in 2016, I produced my first self art exhibit at Better Backs Therapy (located at the Anacostia Arts Center).

I am more than just a photographer, I am an creative. With the work that I have produced and will be producing, the opportunities are endless.